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Coming soon ~ a revamped "New Hampshire Troubadour," a tribute to a quarterly magazine (from the 1930s to 1950s) of poetry, prose, paintings, and photos. Contact us if interested in submitting your work.  See "Contact" page. 
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The Cosmic Poetry Contest is closed. See our "Contests" page.

Support your local bookstore. Our local store, Toadstool Bookshops, ships books anywhere in the U.S. and they offer local curbside pickup. To order any of our books, call them at 924-3543 or go on their website>> >>. Or, order directly from us; see our "Books" page for info.

Other books still available ~

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Our 9th poetry contest is now closed - see "Contests" page for info.
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The Youth Poet Laureate reading is in the past, but their poetry continues. We thank the former NH Poet Laureate, Alice B. Fogel, and the poets, Rachel Sturges, Falon Smith, and Cate Dixson, for their enthusiastic participation. Keep your eyes on these poets, and the SW NH poet ambassador, Veronika Sokol, as they weave their magic with words. Rachel is working on her second book, Veronika on her first book, and Falon has published her first book of poems.

Thanks to all the Visitors to our successful Book Fair and to the 41 Students who entered our very first Poetry Contest. The Fair also raised almost $1000 for the Peterborough Town Library Campaign.