NEW BOOK available now (published October 1st):    “you, genesis”poems by Rachel Sturges, a new and first book of poems by former NH Youth Poet Laureate, 2019-2020.  See our "Events" page for info about a dual poetry reading at the Toadstool in Peterborough on Saturday, October 17th. See below for a poem from her book:


Who are you, Traveler?

Plaintive sentences
hung up on every street corner
and lamppost,
decorating the side streets
like a rock in a shoe.
Kick up dust
and cloud your own rear view,
you never want to see this place again.

Off in the horizon,
lies what?
Exactly what are you wishing to find
when you ride into this new town
in your 2002, V6 stallion?
You’re not going to find sympathy
or love
or yourself
or any other watered down version
of what you deem life to be here.

Figure it out on two feet.

What will you do
when the locals don’t even turn
to watch you,
a stranger,

Caution: this book contains some mature themes and language. Buy this book of 49 poems that explore the anguish and the joy of living at $12 per copy. Mail a check for $12 per book (postage included) payable to Peterborough Poetry Project to PPP/PO Box 247/Peterborough NH 03458 .  Be sure to indicate the book title with your order. 
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BOTH previously published books below still available ~ Full of Poems from our 2019 contest (NH - past, present, future, or fantasy), our first book:  On and Off the Road: Poems of New Hampshire (ISBN 978-1-7352698-0-1) is available by mail order (see below for how to order).or at the Toadstool Bookshops in NH if you're heading into Peterborough, Keene, or Nashua New Hampshire.  Also, ("Out of Darkness" - ISBN 978-1-7352698-1-8)~ ~ Available through Toadstool Bookshops....or...See below for how to order either book from us directly. 

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 To order "Out of Darkness," and/or "On and Off the Road," mail a check or money order ($12 each book) payable to "Peterborough Poetry Project" to
PO Box 247
Peterborough NH 03458 and specify the book name. Free shipping to U.S. mailing addresses. 

Partial review of an advanced reader copy of Out of Darkness ~ ~ “From cosmogenesis to the morning cup of coffee, from the recent quarantine to the quirks of weird science... Bill Chatfield guides us through his poetic universe with wry and winsome wit. The poems of Out of Darkness are alert to the menace and the mystery, to the goofiness and the glory, of Life on Planet Earth. ” ~ Thomas DeFreitas, member of New England Poetry Club.

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We plan to publish more books this year. Check back again soon!